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“Before starting CrossFit I couldn’t do a push-up, squats were out of the question, and the thought of lifting heavy weights never even crossed my mind. Just thinking about stepping foot in a gym intimidated me. But at CrossFit Cd’A I found something unique. From the unconventional workouts to the unrivaled camaraderie, I knew this gym was different. This gym changed my life. I went from thinking I was a healthy person, to actually feeling like a healthy person. I made lifestyle changes that have completely changed how I live. I’ve lost 23 pounds, four pant sizes, and 24 inches. But most importantly, I feel amazing! The never-ending encouragement, support, and guidance I have gotten from CrossFit has made me into the athlete I never thought I could be.” -Darcy V.


“I’ve told myself for as long as I can remember that if I ever got out of shape that I would do something about it. Well after years of excuses and denial I came to my senses. I was 25 smoking a pack a day since I was 16 and the majority of my diet was fast food or junk food. I needed to make some big changes and knew I would need some help along the way. After the first day of CrossFit I understood why my friend would never shut up about CrossFit. Cause it’s AWESOME. From that day on I committed myself to never smoking again and started following a the paleo diet. It has now been 6 months since I’ve started CrossFit and I’m by FAR in the best shape of my life. I don’t think you could ask for better trainers when it comes to Jon and Derek. They’re always coming up with challenging workouts that can be modified to anybody’s fitness level. They have a very wide range of knowledge for fitness and nutrition and are always more than happy to answer any of your questions. Another big advantage to CrossFit is the huge support you get from everybody at the gym. Not only do you have Jon and Derek pushing and helping you, you have everybody else in the entire gym pushing you, encouraging you, and wanting you to succeed. When I first started CrossFit I weighed in at a whopping 235 pounds! Now 6 months later I weigh 173! All thanks to CrossFit Coeur d’Alene. Not only have I lost over 60 pounds and I’ve seen huge gains in my strength(3 pull ups to 15 pullups now, and 0 kipping to 30 kipping pullups) and conditioning(10:45 for a mile now it’s 6:15). I have one regret with Crossfit and it’s that I didn’t start doing CrossFit years ago. Thanks CrossFit Coeur d’Alene.” – Steven M.

Kristina G-1

Kristina G. showing us what CrossFit and sound nutrition can do! These are her pictures from one of our nutrition challenges, in which she placed 2nd place! These pictures were taken exactly 6 weeks apart.


Craig Z. 1-1

Craig Z. 2-1

This is for all you self-doubters out there.  I’m two months into crossfit and already (still??) love it!  I just turned 62, wife just turned 55, and we thought it was too intense for us; we’re too old, it’s a young person’s thing, blah blah blah…………

My daughter said, “C’mon Dad, you’ll love it, you’ll get in the best shape of your life.”

She was right.  My body, my attitude and my outlook have all changed in just two months!!  So quit making excuses, and start making a difference.

-Craig Z.


 “Before starting CrossFit, I was happy with what I was doing at the Kroc: JoshFit. I thought I was getting the most out of my fitness by separating different muscle groups on different days and playing basketball once or twice a week. I thought I was at the peak of my strength that is until my wife Meagan finally convinced me to get my butt to CrossFit. At the same time, I also decided I was going to try out for the Spokane Shock in a few months, so I guess something that supposedly develop my speed and strength couldn’t hurt. I got in there and with my competitive nature I went full force with every workout and I even went to strict Paleo. Within one month I felt healthier, faster and stronger than I ever had, and I was down 20 lbs. A lean, mean fighting machine I guess you could say. I just had my tryouts for the Spokane Shock and I have never felt faster or more coordinated, and I have barely touched a football before the tryout, only CrossFit. No matter what the results are of the tryout and am still totally stoked about my accomplishments in my training. I totally believe in CrossFit now and I will never go back to the way I trained before!” – Josh M.

note: the pictures of Josh were taken 6 weeks apart.



Mark C. is more fit and can do more at 52 than he ever thought possible! Amazingly, these pictures were taken 6 weeks apart!

before-after pics

Since joining CrossFit Coeur d’Alene six months ago, I’ve seen myself grow stronger inside and out. I started boot camp with zero fitness, but all the CFCDA athletes were quick to make me feel welcomed and encouraged. It wasn’t long before I was surviving those impossible-sounding workouts, and then little-by-little realizing I could go faster and harder.

With so many things to learn and measure, it’s easy to see progress almost every day I step into the gym. The coaches offer well-rounded support with guidance and accountability on everything from weightlifting movements to diet. And of course, the best thing about CrossFit Coeur d’Alene is the amazing community that will keep me coming back for years to come!

– Kelly Moore


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