Run Squad

Love running, or just want improve your skills while at CrossFit? The Run Squad is a group for novice and veteran runners alike who have a common interest in getting outside and getting some mileage in. You can use it to train for a race or just as an excuse to get outside for a casual jog with friends.

We offer two running classes per week: the running-only Run Squad, which meets at various locations every Tuesday (Be sure to join the Run Squad Facebook group to stay up to date), and the CrossFit-focused Run Squad WOD, which is held at the gym every Thursday at 6am.

Jen Myers, a long-time CFCd’A athlete and avid runner, heads up our Tuesday group runs. Mark Curtis and Vicki Starr lead the Run Squad WOD every Thursday morning. Mark and Vicki are both accomplished runners and coaches (Mark is a USATF certified coach, current military Ironman world record holder, and heads up the North Idaho XC running team, while Vicki has competed at the Ironman World Championships), as well as CrossFit level 1 coaches.

If you’re training for an event and want to take that training to the next level, we can write a customized training plan for you. Simply contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our certified CrossFit Endurance Coaches.

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