CrossFit Classes

Our group CrossFit classes are designed to achieve the fitness goals of our varied community- you’ll find fire fighters, grand mothers, lawyers, stay at home mom’s, and anyone else you can think of, all working side by side in a fun, intense environment. The beauty of our system is that each workout can be scaled to suit an individual’s personal fitness level.

Each class is led by a knowledgable CrossFit coach; all you need to do is show up and you’ll be led through a warmup, skill session, workout, and mobility/stretching session. The workout changes everyday so you’ll never get bored and your fitness gains will continue indefinitely.

A few benefits of our group CrossFit classes are:

two distinct workout options at every class; choose based on your goals!

– quality coaching at a fraction of the cost of personal training

– a fun, supportive community that shares a desire to be healthy and happy

– no  need to decide “what to do” in the gym; we do that for you!

– access to North Idaho’s most knowledgable coaches; get nutrition guidance, healthy lifestyle advice, etc. at any time

– invitations to all of our seminars, fundraisers, social events, and outdoor excursions

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