What it is All About

Remember being a kid, running around, jumping, playing? That, friends, was fitness, and fitness was fun. At CrossFit Coeur d’Alene, we are focused on making fitness fun again. Come in to get motivated, to challenge yourself, to learn new movements, to play! All in a supervised, small-group class led by knowledgeable coaches who are excited to help you achieve your goals!

CrossFit Boot Camp is a two-week, six class program designed to introduce the movements we use in our daily CrossFit classes. The program is designed for the athlete who is worried that they are “out of shape” to get in the swing of things while also challenging the more advanced athlete to perfect their technique prior to entering the main CrossFit group class. In addition to teaching safe movement, we also introduce Boot Campers to our concept of fitness as a lifestyle, not just a gym membership. We’ll answer questions like “What kind of food should I eat in order to reach my goals, and how much?”, “How does sleep effect me?”, and “What supplements are worth the money?”. At the end of the two weeks, Boot Camp grads will be prepped and ready for our CrossFit group class!

If you feel you’re ready to make a commitment to your health, sign up at the bottom of this page to secure your spot in the next Boot Camp! Or, you can go here to schedule a free CrossFit class!

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6:30 PM Boot Camp April 21st
*If you’re unable to attend our Boot Camp, you can set up 3 one on one sessions with a coach for $99! Please email us and we will get you scheduled!

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