Warm Up:

thoracic mobility

glute activation

Skill: Ass-ist

romanian deadlift, 3×10, 1×15 (coaches: 3030 tempo)

barbell glute bridge, 3×10, 1×15 (last week, get er done!)

WOD: Farmboy

Pull the sled as far as you can in 40 steps, drop the straps, and run the remainder of the 200m back inside. When you get in:

20 burpees

20 pull up

rest 2′ between sets, scale burpee and pull ups so they are completed in 2′ or less. 3 rounds, for time. Use BW or less on sled pull.

Skunkworks: 5:00pm, reserve your spot, and be on time.

skill combo, by 5:10:

3 rounds, NFT

frog stand to head stand, 2 reps (use spotter)

50 double under, unbroken

10 butterfly pull ups

oly tech: by 5:30

thacker +

snatch 1.2 (single, rest 10″, touch and go double). Rest 90″ between sets, try to get 5-8 sets.

tech focus:

barbell cycling for speed

WOD: Invictus Comp Tester #4

men: barbells with 155#; 25&10# plates on the side

women: barbells with 115#; 15&10#plates on side

7 GTOH 155/115

7 muscle up

5 GTOH 205/145

5 muscle up

3 GTOH 225/165

3 muscle up

*sub CTB pull up/ring dip for MU if needed

GTOH= ground to overhead


17 comments on “Farmboy+Skunkworks

  • TW

    Frog… Is that CF lingo for crow?

  • Jonathan
  • Julie Westbrook

    Yea! Go Derek. Crossfit wins. Going to start selling those suppliments? Love ya!

  • Alicia Burton

    Warm up: butterflies are slowly improving, loved headstands, that third ‘limb’ makes all the difference.

    Snatches: struggle to cycle when the weight gets above 100#, did 105# max but not pretty

    WOD: 115# 7 reps, 5 assisted mu’s, 145# 5 reps, 2 unassisted mu’s, 1 assisted, 165# 3 reps, 1 unassisted mu before time was up.

    • Jonathan Burton

      haha. she said third limb. they call me tri-pod.

  • Kalie Grambeau

    Snatch: Started ugly and ended ugly but pretty decent in between, did 95# max, touch and go def throws off my already poor form so could work on that!

    WOD: 7 @ 95#, 6 MSU, then 1 C2B/Dip, 5 @115#, 5 C2B/5 Dips, 3 @ 125#, 3 C2B/Dips…need to work on technique on MSUs and dropping under the bar on jerks, seem to do more press than anything

  • Ross Morton

    Warm up: If the goal was to resemble a frog doing a handstand, then I’m pretty sure I nailed it. DUs felt good- got to 26 unbroken. Still need a lot of work on butterflies, but I’m looking less like a wild orangutan hanging there with each passing day……I think.

    Snatch: Felt comfortable at the bottom and getting under it. Need to work on hip contact. Finished at 95#.

    WOD: 135# x7 Tried couple bar MU’s but just missed them. 7 C2B easy. 155# x6, 5C2B, 165# x2 Did a poor job getting under the weight on these last cleans– I will take notes from Master Sensei John Burton. Also need to work on getting underneath bar more on jerks.

  • Camille Hutchison

    Skunkworks was kinda a fail tonight. My elbow kept giving out in the turnover in the muscle ups so I had to stop. My double unders weren’t the best either… I know I can’t completely blame my shoes but the rope kept getting caught on the lip that is in the front… Might get Derek to file it down or something. I think I need to work on my recovery after Monday and Tuesday a bit… I felt just all around sluggish today.

  • Doug Ratelle

    Frogs were a good surprise, DUBs felt relaxed and need to focus better around 35 reps, butterflies need more compact movement and are improving.

    snatch: stopped at 125#, up from stopping at 115# last week. Tech feels better, starting to feel it.

    WOD: GTOH 7 @ 125 dips/C2B ok, GTOH 5 @ 165 assisted dips/C2B ok, 3 @ 185 missed jerks on all 3, didn’t drop even close to well assisted dips/C2B ok.

  • Meagan

    A) DU’s great, butterflys a little off, hands hurt today. Head stands good
    B) snatches felt a little off today, actually the heavier it got, the better they felt….probably because I was staying back on heals longer. Got up to #115
    C) 7:19, did C2B and dip, MU were just not happening

  • Davon

    DU’s are hit miss. 50 the first round, 41, second and maybe 1 on the third. Butterflies looked like a dead worm plugged into a electrical outlet. Snatches were ok. I just need to focus on that second pull. 7×155 + C2B, 5×205+C2B, 225 no bueno. MU practice the day before so I didn’t try them today. Iffy day at best.

    • Josh

      Warm up felt good after the first try of the frog handstand hold and putting my hands in the right position. Du felt good did fifty unbroken each round. Bf pull ups also felt good.
      Snatches were alright was feeling a little tight in the shoulders at first. As it got heavier started to get better .
      WOD 7:23 7 + 135. 7 mu 5+ 185 5 mu. 3+ 205 3 mu

  • Fallon Jolley

    Frog, headstand things, DU’s, and Butterflies were all fine-ish… Still trying to figure out what I’m not quite getting right on my butterflies but they’re coming along.

    Snatches felt good. Worked up to 95# but on the third one I was slow standing up. Had to do a little double bounce to get up. Gotta get stronger. I know it takes time but I’m sick of getting stuck in the hole!

    For the WOD… 7 GTOH @ 95# + 7 MUs, 5 GTOH @ 115# + 5 MUs, 3 GTOH @ 125# + 2 MU attempts (fail)
    My wrist tore from the false grip thing. Also, I gotta learn to kip my dips. Overall this was fun… I love all the skills I’m learning like the Du’s, the butterflies, CTB’s, and the Mu’s but its a whole new ballgame when you try and do these movements in a WOD when you’re tired.

  • Michael Jolley

    Warm Up: DU’s and frog headstands were fine. My butterflies need more work though, I was pretty dang sore though.

    Feeling better on the snatch the weight is still not up where I want it to be but I haven’t really put in the focus and time for it. Ended those at 155 and felt good about that..

    The WOD: 7GTOH @ 155 and 7 MU, 5GTOH @205 and 5 MU, 5 attempts at 225 GTOH but couldn’t get it.. I felt like I am plenty strong just need some practice and drilling. Over all love the skunkworks its so much fun!!!!

  • Jonathan Burton

    butterflies are getting better with practice, imagine that.
    Missed my third snatch at 155# on the 1.2 complex. Liked that complex a lot.

    GTOH WOD was fun, and a reality check. Scaled the weights to 135,185 and 205. Couldn’t hit the Jerk at 205 to save my life, missed that puppy 4 times. Muscle-Ups were golden, so I’ll take that. Keys for future success for the jerk are resetting the feet after the squat clean, and getting a better grip on the bar. (At least that’s my diagnosis for now).

  • Katie Ziegler

    butterflies are getting easy and i don’t have to think about it anymore which is nice. Du’s are getting more consistent too. frog stand was easy no problem there. Snatches are still feeling off. I can do them but i feel unbalanced and off. I got to 115# did it fine but like i said just feel off. As for the WOD my arms were dead from work and getting beat up so i struggled linking my mu’s and had to do one at a time. i finished under the time cap though at 8:51. GTOH was good the last two at 165# felt heavy but doable.

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