Paleo Challenge Test

It’s not too late to sign up for the Fall Paleo Challenge! Did mention Shelby is catering the post-challenge BBQ? Did we also mention that you can only partake in the post-challenge scrumptiousness if you are part of the challenge? SIGN UP TODAY!

Warm Up: 

line drills, buddy style

Skill: snatch to OHS

4x hang power snatch+OHSx3

4x power snatch+OHSx2

4x snatch+OHS

Skill option:

3 sets

5/5 KB snatch or clean and press to windmill (as heavy as possible)

5/5 armbar

1′ buddy achilles mash each


15′ AMRAP:

5 burpees

7 pull ups

10 goblet squats, 1/4-1/3 BW



4 comments on “Paleo Challenge Test

  • Tori Gray

    Hey Paleo Challengers and CFCDA members in general….if you aren’t already part of the CFCDA Honey Badgers group on Facebook, get on over and ask to join! Great place to get support for the Challenge, not to mention keep up with member chatter going on! All CFCDA members are welcome!! If you are already part of the group but are FB friends with other CFCDA members who are not, feel free to add them.

  • Shelby Gettis

    And the word ‘BBQ’, better be, being used loosely, because I told DVG, that I stink-butt at grilling! Rothrock approached me with the idea of Prime Rib, which, depending upon market prices, might be doable. And Prime Rib always feel’s like a celebration meal. We’ll see :-).

  • Wendy

    Does the Paleo Side Bet Challenge qualify for joining up? Because you know we are the fun group

    • Jonathan

      Don’t you have to actually be signed up to have a “side bet”?

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