Pistol Pete

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Warm Up:

line drills

Skill: kettlebells and pistols

10′ of kettlebell varations:

-one-arm swing


-kettlebell snatch

10′ of pistol tech:

-scaling the one-legged squat

-proper movement

WOD: Pistol Pete

10′ AMRAP:

5 pistol, right leg

5 pistol, left leg

7 swing, right arm

7 swing, left arm

10 toe to bar

Rx+ sub KB snatch for one-arm swing


3 comments on “Pistol Pete

  • Erica

    Ooooooh, I can feel the burn just reading that. Bring it!

  • Shelby Gettis

    Dangit…my schedule today is crazy; but I love this one so much, ya’ll are forcing me into a night class!

  • Jonathan

    It’s a good one!

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