Team CFCDA is LIVE for the opens! Sign up at, and choose “CrossFit Coeur d’Alene” as your affiliate!

8am Oly Hour

Snatch: hit-and-catch drills (scoop mechanics)

9am CrossFit

in teams of 3:

for ten minutes, perform 30 burpees (as a team) EMOTM


for 5 minutes, perform 45 tuck jumps (as a team) EMOTM


with one teammate being carried, perform 3x200m as a team.

to increase degree of difficulty, instead of working at the same time, give each teammate a 20″ block in which to complete their work, with each subsequent athlete only starting once the previous athlete has completed his/her work.



6 comments on “Trio

  • Craig Denney

    No more Burpees!

  • Tom Norris

    Now that I signed up the family for the open I would like to see Jonathan or Derek sign up for American Ninja Warrior

  • Shelby Gettis

    I still LOVE this picture, absolutely every thing about it. The girl’s expression’s and the fact that we can see D & J in the background hive-fiving and LOVING it!

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