Supersweet Saturday

8am oly hour

9am Supersweet Saturday

med ball WU


in teams of two, alternating for 10 rounds each:

10-1 burpee

10m ab disc

10-1 star jumper

10m broad jump



4 comments on “Supersweet Saturday

  • Justin Hughes

    I like this one, hopefully I don’t get called.

  • Ryan Arnold

    Sorry for the no show for Oly Hour, I didn’t get bumped in from the wait list until 7pm last night, and didn’t see it till just now or I totally would have been there. Between that and a totally booked 430 friday class, I really bombed the end of my workout week. Wah Wahhh. See ya’ll Monday.

    • Jonathan

      we were going to call you at 5am to make sure, but…

      • Ryan Arnold

        If you start doing 5am wake up calls as a service, you’d probably have a lot busier morning class..just saying, might be a thought…

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