Here’s the deal:

If you snatch 300#, you don’t have to do the 300.

Warm Up

double up:

Junkyard Dog (squat hop)

20m wheelbarrow walk (each)

Skill crew: grab a barbell; 2 sets of

10 snatch press

10 OHS

10 muscle snatch

Skill option:

movement review


5′ snatch tech

15′ to work up to a heavy snatch

10-7-5 reps, 1′ rest between sets

3-2 reps, 2′ rest between sets

1-1-1… reps, 3′ rest between sets

Skill Option

5′ (2:30 each arm) lax-to-scap mobility

15′ to complete:


A1. kettlebell sit-up x15

A2. kettlebell swing x15 (russian, focus on hip speed)

A3. sotts’ press, 8-10 each side

A4. goblet squat, 15 reps

30″ between each exercise; 1′ at the end of each superset. Repeat 3x


10′ for max cals on the airdyne; for every calorie under your weight class standard, do 1 burpee (burpees start on minute 11)

Male/Female standards:

220lb+: 300/220 cals

200lb+: 280/200 cals

180lb+: 260/180 cals

160lb+ 240/160 cals

140lb+: 220/145 cals

120lb+: 200/130 cals

100lb+: 180/115 cals


8 comments on “Here’s the deal:

  • Jennifer Myers


  • Tori Gray

    I assume those over 50 subtract, oh, like 20% from the standard?

    • Jonathan

      My fault, I had re-worked those cal standards after I wrote it; I just updated with the correct numbers. No age category, sorry Mama T!

  • Mike Catfish

    WOD looks simple, yet brutal. Nice work Jonathan

  • Marrisa

    Sweet! Thanks for accounting body weight into this!! For once, baby looks manageable for me.

  • Derek Hutchison

    This looks too easy, what’s the catch?

  • Shelby Gettis

    I am so happy I was able to just barely squeeze in my cal’s before the time was up, because 10 minutes on that B, plus burpee’s afterward would have killed me. Oddly, the ten minutes went by pretty quickly though!

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