CapTest 3

Warm Up:

line drills; Burgener-style


4′, shoulder-opening stretches, then:

10 reps, heaving snatch balance, 2″ pause at bottom

10 reps, snatch balance, one-and-a-quarter squat/rep

Snatch balance:

10 sets, between 2-4 attempts per set:

snatch balance, 60″ between sets.

Skill Option:


A. kettlebell sit-up x15

B. kettlebell swing x15 (russian, focus on hip speed)

C. sotts’ press, 8-10 each side

D. goblet squat, 15 reps

30″ between each exercise; 1′ at the end of each superset. Repeat 3x

CapTest 3 

10′ clock:

4′ to find a heavy snatch

3′ for AMRAP power snatch, 1/2 bodyweight

2′ for AMRAP overhead squat, 1/2 bodyweight

1′ for AMRAP bent over row, 1/2 bodyweight (round back=no rep+mandatory 10″ penalty)

Option 2:

10′ row, for cals



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