The Shitee

Warm Up

in teams of two:

calf and achilles line drills, then

row 2000m, when not rowing, perform

-3, 5″ shoulder tables, and

-10 air squats


barbell hip thrust, 3×12 (add weight from last week), to

hip-to-ring kip, 3×5-8, rest 90″  or 5-count negative pull-ups, 3×5

The Shitee


10 shitees

10 squatting box hop 20/24

10 kettlebell swing (american, heavy)


4 rounds, not for time:

10 weighted step-ups (heavier than last week)

10 burpees

10 kettlebell swings 




12 comments on “The Shitee

  • TinaMarie

    What’s a Shitee? You can’t Google it, Jon boy you just made that Shitee up.

  • Shelby Gettis

    They made up the Shitee last Saturday and its heinous.

  • Derek Hutchison

    It’s like a burpee, just shitier.

  • Jennifer Myers

    I would rather do shitties than burpees.

    • Craig Denney

      Up until about Ten. After ten, I’ll take the burpees

  • Tori Gray

    OK, spill the secret, what are they? Some people know so it can’t be that big of deal if the rest of us do too. :)

    • Craig Ziegler

      yeah, they’ll never tell, it’s a conspiracy!!

    • Jonathan

      I think D was pretty clear in his explanation

  • Davon

    Groiner with a steaming pile of shit on top!

  • Tom Norris

    Patent pending, Jonathan can’t reveal his secret

    • Jonathan

      foreign and domestic.

  • Kelsi Kepler

    I must say they are quite effective! I haven’t had such sore abs in a while, getting out of bed involved a lot more groaning than usual…….

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