The Recovery WOD

Derek and I are excited to announce the Recovery WOD!

Starting next Monday, there will be a few added options to the posted WOD: The Recovery WOD will be an optional workout, with a focus on basic movement and mobility (as opposed to the sometimes complex workouts that are programmed as our standard daily fare).

What kind of athlete is the Recovery WOD geared for? Everyone! The RWOD is designed to be an accessible, challenging training session, that will be offered in parallel with our daily WOD. A few examples of the who may benefit from the RWOD:

-athletes who are limited in their range of motion by a chronic injury,

-athletes who are feeling fatigued by prior workouts, and don’t feel ready to do the daily WOD,

-athletes with fitness goals that are more geared towards achieving basic movement and mobility, as opposed to those looking for increased coordination and work capacity,

-recent Boot Camp graduates who are wanting a more fluid transition to the group classes.

The Recovery WOD will still challenge even the most hardened athlete; like everything we do, you get out of it only what you put in. We realize that many of you are hesitant to come to the gym if you are not feeling 100%, and that lots of folks feel awkward when asking the coaches to modify the WOD (though you shouldn’t- adjusting the WOD to your abilities is why we became coaches!). With the introduction of a standard daily option to the regular WOD, it is our hope that our athletes will be better able to maintain a consistent weekly attendance, and continue to make the huge gains in their personal fitness that makes CFCDA such a special community of athletes!

To your health!

Jonathan and Derek



10 comments on “The Recovery WOD

  • Terri Boyd

    That is a great idea! I am loving the workouts – or at least the results 😉 even though they kick my butt.

  • Craig Ziegler

    Will the rwod be different everyday?

  • Gez

    YES! Thank you. I have only been to crossfit twice in 6 weeks because I ski 4 days a week. My body is just too fatigued to do the WOD Tuesdays & Saturdays between my ski days.

  • Derek

    Craig, some days the RWOD will be exactly the same as the WOD; it’s just going to depend on the movements we’re doing that day.

    Gez, that is exactly what this is for. That being said, it won’t be an “easier” version of the WOD (in some cases it may even seem harder), it will just have a different focus. Mobility and stability will take precedence over some of the more dynamic movements we use.

  • Jennifer Myers

    I love this!!

  • Terry

    Is it possible to do the WOD and the RWOD back to back? Or is that too much and not recommended?!

  • Derek

    No, that’s too much.

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  • Mike Catfish

    I like having the recovery WOD option… If my shoulder is acting up, then it is def nice to have that second choice… Thx for ADDIN’ the RWOD

  • Maria

    RWOD is a great idea for those of us who can’t make it every week (me) due to work schedules. Coming back to a regular WOD is very challenging after missing a few days at the box.

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