CapTest 2

Warm up:

Instructor-led kettlebell warm up; hip, core and shoulder focus


Cleans: hang, power, and full.

Every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes: starting from the hang, perform one power clean, followed by one squat clean, followed by one jerk (push or split). Use this as a warm up for Cap Test 2.

Start light, and only add weight if you can maintain position and movement. The goal is to go as heavy as possible, while maintaining technical focus. Missed reps and/or donkey pulls mean that the weight is too heavy.

CapTest 2:

minute 1: AMRAP squat clean and jerk, bodyweight

minute 2: AMRAP burpee (open hip at the top, shoulders covering ears, feet must leave ground)

minute 3: repeat minute 1

minute 4: repeat minute 2

… for 12 minutes.


Yes, seriously.

love, J&D



4 comments on “CapTest 2

  • marrisa

    Question: My 1RM clean and jerk is my body weight…would it be better to go lighter for the WOD to get more reps?

    • Jonathan Burns

      Hey Marrisa! If a BW C&J is close to, or beyond your current 1RM, then we can scale it. However, most folks won’t be getting more than 3-4 reps/min.

      • TM

        This is when I wish I were petite like her.

  • Anne

    Great workout today!

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