Pet Rock

Oly Hour at 8am:

Group Warmup

2 sets with a bar:

Hi-Hang Pull x 8

Hi-Hang Muscle Snatch x 8

BTN Snatch Push Press x 8

OHS x 8

Hang Snatch x 8



A. 5’ to build to 80% of your best Snatch

Then, every 30” for 6 minutes do 1 Power Snatch


B. Take 3’ to build to 80% of your best Clean

Then, every 30” for 6 minutes do 1 Power Clean


4 sets, 30” rest between movements

C1. Heaving Snatch Balance x 5

C2. Barbell Good Morning x 5

C3. 40” Ring Plank

C4. DB Push Press x 5


9am funtime:

Warm Up:

partner line drills

Pet Rock:

Each team has a “pet rock”, given to them by the coach. It can be anything: atlas stone, dumbell, kettlebell, etc. If the rock hits the deck, so does the team! 10 burpees per person! Teams of 3.

Each team must complete the following block of work:

150m ab disc

1500m of rowing

150m  overhead walking lunge

150 cals of airdyne.


Bringing treats may or may not have bearing on your given rock. Just sayin’.





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