Ass Day!

Warm Up:

In teams of two, perform the following (in any order)

10 shuttle sprints

10 junkyard dog (complete)

4 rounds, alternating:

10 push up

10 scissor lunges

Thenwith the remaining time in class:

each athlete must:

-row or ride, 15′ for meters (rowing) or cals (riding) RPE 7-8


A. 3×12 bulgarian split squat, weighted. Use DB’s, or for the Rx+ crew, barbells in the front rack position (hint: go light) 90″ rest

b. 3×8-12 ring dip, 90″ rest



One comment on “Ass Day!

  • Morgan Hodge

    Ass Day kicked my Ass !Definately feelin it

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