Vertical Push, Vertical Pull


Line Drills + Hip Mobility


Back Squat



“Vertical Push, Vertical Pull”


10-1 Kipping Pullup

1-10 Dips


Rx+, do 30 Muscle Ups for time instead



6 comments on “Vertical Push, Vertical Pull

  • Tori Gray

    So more time is better? Sounds like this one’s in my wheelhouse. :)

  • Tori Gray

    Disregard above comment, I’m a doofus! A different WOD was posted earlier, I was responding to that.

  • Craig Ziegler

    What happened to the wod posted last night? I was looking forward to doing that one…:( Although this one looks good too :)

  • Ivory Carr

    Waaaha…psyche!!! Derek is indecisive!

  • Derek Hutchison

    Holiday hours kinda screwed things up. Russian submarine coming at you next week. Don’t miss the turkey chipper at noon on Friday.

  • TM

    Quit messing with our psyche Derek!!

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