Turkei Trot


Glute Activation + Shoulder Mobility



4 sets, 60” Rest

Snatch Grip Deadlift x 5

10 Ring Pushup + 30” Ring Plank



“Turkei Trot”

800 m Run (fast)

6/6 Turkish Getup 53/35# (focus on control, not speed)

600 m Run

5/5 TGU

400 m Run

4/4 TGU



angry vicki
angry vicki

5 comments on “Turkei Trot

  • Alex Meade

    What do you guys think is the best replacement for running in these WODS? I have shin splints like tenderized sirloin goin’ on

  • Derek

    Rowing and the Airdyne are both great subs. I use them a ton because I have an injury that keeps me from running too much. Burpees would work as well. Your coach will always have something for you too.

  • Kelsi Kepler

    I’m ready!

  • Wendy

    Simple but brutal….

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