Meat and Veggies, Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit, Little Starch, No Sugar

As everyone probably read last week, I’ve been training a few people out here in my free time.  Remember JR, the former Marine Scout Sniper that decided to take the CrossFit/Paleo Diet challenge?  Well, my time with him is up, so now it’s up to him to stay motivated and keep training.  He was nice enough to let me take some before/after pictures of his short journey.  Keep in mind I only had 35 days with him, but the changes he’s gone through are amazing!

This is what CrossFit combined with a diet low in sugar and starch will do for you.  JR lost 10 pounds-take into account that he gained muscle and strength, meaning he lost more fat than that – in 35 days!  I wonder what he’ll look like after 6 months of training and eating Paleo?! He promised to give me updates every month, so I’ll keep everyone posted on his progress.

Anyone interested in taking the Paleo challenge?  Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level and greatly improve your body composition?  If you’re still not sure about the Paleo Diet, check the nutrition tab up top and ask the trainers!


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